Luxurious Vaal River Accommodation self catering

Enjoy Luxurious Vaal River Accommodation and self catering

Nothing beats the pure serenity of the lush, fertile areas surrounding The Vaal River if you’re looking for Vaal River accommodation and self catering and self catering. The beautiful landscape in which the Vaal River is situated is a natural haven for indigenous flora and fauna and animals such as small buck and warthogs can commonly be found grazing in the surroundings.

We at Waterfront Country Lodge and Spa are delightfully located on the banks of the magnificent Vaal River and offer excellent Vaal River accommodation and self catering that will have you enjoy waking up every morning to clean, crisp air, and the pleasant sounds of the birdlife and small game. And all this coupled with fully equipped conferencing facilities too. There is also no better way to relax and unwind than to spend some quality time with your loved ones in a natural sanctuary of peace and quietness.

The Lodge

For Vaal River accommodation and self catering we have two beautiful lodges on offer, each with their own set of unique attractions. These lodges are designed and built exquisitely with high end amenities, including swimming pool and braai areas for guests to indulge themselves during their stay. With professional chefs and all-round friendly personnel to cater to your every whim, you can rest assured that your stay, event or conference will be a smashing success, so to say! Our Vaal River accommodation and self catering lodges also boast fantastic 24-hour customer support that conforms to the highest industry standards in order to ensure your holiday experience is maximised.

The Spa

Receive the “Royal Treatment” as you indulge in our High Class TheraVine Spa. Located directly on one of the prime spots on the Vaal River, our spa overlooks a breathtaking view of the natural landscape as our avant-garde range of natural healthcare products rejuvenate your body, skin and general appearance. Our spa is unisex and is not limited to age so that your whole family can enjoy a luxurious day of unmatched rejuvenation!

Everything Else

Vaal River accommodation and self catering not only offers a fantastically relaxing experience, but also outstanding recreation and outdoor opportunities as guests have access to a plethora of walking, hiking and riding trails of various levels. There are also game range drives to take advantage of where many different species of indigenous wildlife and birdlife can be found roaming their natural habitat.

So now that you’ve been appraised on the many wonderful attractions located in and around Vaal River accommodation and self catering establishments like ours, all that’s left to do is to contact us for a booking. You can contact us directly or visit us online at for more information on our great packages.

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